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Welcome to the site of the Ama Namin . Foundation

Our foundation Ama Namin is a volunteer organization taking care of material and financial support for small-scale projects in the Philippines, and also related to the Philippines.

In addition to our role as owners of Phil. 4 You (Balik Bayan boxes) and the webshop Toko 4 All, we have more than 20 years of ties with the Filipino community in Europe and my homeland where I, Rowena Mange (Chairman) was born. Together with my Renee Zuidwijk (Treasurer/Secretary) we form the board and we want to give something back to the country with which we have strong ties.

With this website we want to keep you informed of the developments and the progress the foundation manages to make

Thanks to various donations we can support the following projects in the Philippines

Would you like to support our projects? You can donate via the link below

As a foundation, we naturally have various objectives that we want to achieve

With this photo page we can give you an idea of the projects we are working on

Ama Namin Foundation

Office: Linnewever 12
2292 JH Wateringen

Tel: 0174 – 270441
Fax: 0174 – 270491