Objective of the Ama Namin Foundation

The Ama Namin foundation is a foundation with the aim of providing help and care. Provide material and financial support for the development of local projects in the Philippines. This aims at improved living and study conditions.

In the Philippines, too, youth is the future, which is why it is so very important to improve study and education opportunities with the associated/related facilities This way we want to make it possible for children with talent and desire to learn, to actually get the chance to develop. The library is an important part of this. The toy library also plays an important role in motivating learning.

Supporting talents does not stop at primary schools, we also want the students having the opportunity to pursue further studies. We want to create a foundation for their young existence and create the opportunity to really have a better future for themselves and their future children.

In addition to the talents at the schools, we also want to do our utmost to support the current generation of parents commitment to their children’s development.

There are many possibilities here and we want to have parents the opportunity to use and train their talents to improve their situation. You may think of supporting local entrepreneurship, as well as deploying the parents in the schools. There are so many things in need to be addressed, why not make use of the many hands available. Many hands make light work.

Unfortunately, it won’t just be good times. As is known, the Philippines is annually hit several times by natural disasters and calamities. Even then we want the residents be able to assist fellow people and remain motivated to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

The help we want to offer is mainly locally oriented, however we also want to help Filipinos temporarily staying outside their country of birth, and attempt to improve their situation if and when needed