School uniforms

In consultation with the school, we are making an inventory of how many children do qualify for a set of school uniforms. Unfortunately there is a large group of children who can’t afford it just like the other students, to appear at school in uniform.  As a result of our efforts it would improve the togetherness and the differences between the children. As a result of our efforts, no children will be excluded from the group process

At this moment 30 children are at the school for which we are going to commit ourselves to be able to give a uniform. The uniforms cost approximately € 10,- per child. The first target has already been achieved, and production can start

Update (17-07-2022): 1 box is now on its way to the Philippines with 3 sewing machines. This shipment and the sewing machines were made possible by Stichting Wereld Wijd.

Update (29-08-2022): The first payment to the Bulbugan primary school has been made for purchasing the fabrics and material and production can start.

Update (15-11-2022): First uniforms have been delivered and are proudly shown in the photos. Production will of course continue and we hope that we can raise even more money for this project.

Chairs with table top for students

With a local carpentry company, we are to prioritize the production of tables with chairs the students will need to participate properly and comfortably in primary school classes. The school has a capacity of about 400 students. They all need a table and chair, and we hope to be able to finance these quickly with our donations. The first chairs for the “Kindergarten” are already in the making, and we hope more will follow soon. Several parents are already involved in order to have it finished as quickly as possible. The hands are there, but the budget is not yet there.

Walkway to school

To ensure the children reach the school dry and clean, it is necessary to build a concrete walkway with a roof, this way the children can resist heavy rainfall or extreme heat, reach the classrooms dry and will comfortably taking classes. This project comprises approximately 60 meters of concrete and roofs. Quotations are requested to provide an idea what the costs are, to enable us to start a project on the site.

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Local shop

In collaboration with a local entrepreneur, we started to set up a local store for the sale of food products to the residents in the area. The aim of this store is to give the entrepreneur a means to provide for himself with his daily income, but also to contribute to the projects that have been started at the primary school in the area. In this way we want to try to set up a system that people have the possibility to provide themselves with an income and to motivate entrepreneurship.