Ama Namin Foundation

The name of this foundation has a story we would like to share with you.  Ama Namin means Our Father in Tagalog (Filipino language). Our logo is built with these thoughts.

Our Father is of course focused on prayer, but also on our fathers being more or less the founders of the foundation since they have given us the opportunity to be who we are today. Our fathers are the foundation and the pillars of our existence.

If you look at the logo you will see the praying hands surrounded by sun rays emanating from the Philippine national  flag. In front of the hands you see the Aguila, the national bird of the Philippines. Both images are incorporated under the wing. This picture stands for taking care of someone under one’s wing.

With this metaphor we indicate how important it has been for us : they have taken care of us. The picture is completed by the 3 stars under the Foundation,  part of the Philippine flag.

With this we want to indicate where our roots lie and where our objectives are aimed at. Helping the residents further, but also to create and make optimal use of the many possibilities available in the Philippines.

Ama Namin Foundation