Donations received from RB-Media

Donations received from RB-Media Last week, we received the news that three wonderful laptops were on their way to us. These laptops are intended to support the projects at Bulbugan Elementary School on Oriental Mindoro Island. Thanks to this donation, we can make it even easier for teachers to carry out their work and provide […]

Enjoying delicious treats for the children

Enjoying delicious treats to close out 2023 From the beginning of December until the 15th, there was a countdown for the teachers and students of Bulbugan Elementary School in Oriental Mindoro. To culminate this period, in collaboration with local volunteers, we ensured that over 300 children could delight in a wonderful festive meal consisting of […]

December box shipped

The donation box from LBC This December, we have once again received donations from various individuals for the Philippines, including a beautiful musical instrument for Bulbugan Elementary School. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to LBC Milan for their support towards our foundation

Donation box arrived November 2023

LBC box delivered with donation On November 21st, we received the notification that the package containing donated items has arrived in the Philippines. Through Phil. 4 You and LBC, we sent a package in September, and it has been successfully delivered to Bulbugan Elementary School in Oriental Mindoro.

Bottle Refund Campaign

Help us provide educational opportunities with empty bottles and cans! “If you don’t have time to return your empty bottles and cans, don’t worry! You can still make a difference. Consider donating to our Adopt a Learner project. With your financial support, we can make the dreams of students in the Philippines come true. Every […]

Arrival of donation in the Philippines

Donation arrived in the Philippines At the beginning of October 2023, our donation arrived in the Philippines. This donation consisted of various school supplies and donated sports equipment. For the children, this is a way to actively engage in sports, whether it’s tennis, badminton, or chess; the children enjoy it. Additionally, they are actively involved […]

School supplies for the Philippines

Donation of school supplies. In the month of September, we received another collection of school supplies as donations. Along with other school necessities, we packed these items. This box was sent in the September shipment by Phil. 4 You to the Philippines. The donated articles will be warmly received by the Bulbugan Elementary School.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments In addition to all the toys and teaching materials, we now also have a new goal. We want to give the children the opportunity to be more involved with music. Music is very important in the Philippines. Children already grab a microphone when they can’t walk yet and are at the front of […]

Appreciation for the Speel-O-Theek

Appreciation for the Speel-O-Theek The speel-O-Theek is starting to take shape again. The children enjoy the toys and everything is starting to find its place. Children can always play in groups with the donated toys and be a child again.

Opening the LBC Boxes

Opening the LBC Boxes January 4th was the day, the boxes could be opened and the stuff could be sorted. With great enthusiasm, the teachers unpacked the boxes and viewed and sorted the toys, teaching materials and other items. We are happy that we have been able to realize this through the donations.