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Donated Sewing Machines arrive

Donated Sewing Machines arrived This month the sewing machines that we received from the Worldwide Foundation arrived in the Philippines. The sewing machines will be used to involve local mothers in making school uniforms for the children in the region. This project has already started and we hope to have the first uniforms delivered soon […]

Delivery of ordered chairs

Delivery chairs toddler class started​ On September 12, the delivery of the first load of chairs that we ordered for the toddler class at the Bulbugan school in Oriental Mindoro has started. These chairs are made in the area by a small entrepreneur who was eager to make the chairs for the children. We at […]

First local store opened

First local store opened The project of the local shop was completed on Saturday August 6-2022. The shop is open and operational. A new chapter with the support of the Ama Namin foundation. This shop is near the other project we are working on. This other project is the Bulbugan Primary School where children from […]

Preparations opening local store

Preparations opening local store Wednesday 13 july we started with the first steps to reopen a shop of a local entrepreneur in Oriental Mindoro. In collaboration with this store we want to stimulate the sale of local products. The intention of the Sari Sari store is that it will function as a kind of supermarket […]