Charity Dinner by Ama Namin Foundation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With excitement and determination, we cordially invite you to an evening filled with hope and generosity at our Charity Dinner in support of Ama Namin Foundation, scheduled for February 3, 2024. This heartwarming event will take place at the charming Party Centre Kastanjehof, located in Kwintsheul.

This dinner signifies not only delightful food and exquisite flavors but also a powerful opportunity to come together and make a positive impact. Your presence and support contribute to fulfilling the goals of Ama Namin Foundation and will change lives.

We aim to use this evening not only to express our gratitude to those who have supported us but also to forge new friendships and open new pathways for those in need of our assistance.

We invite you to join us, to revel in an evening filled with surprises, and to participate in a noble pursuit that will touch hearts and improve lives.

Please reserve this date in your calendar and join us for an evening of charity, joy, and solidarity. Together, we can make a difference!

Warm regards,

Rowena & Renee Zuidwijk

Ama Namin Foundation