Children back to school since 2 years

As you may have seen/read in the news, schools in the Philippines have finally re-opened after being closed for more then two ‘years. Millions of children had to stay at home because of the corona pandemic. Since this month it is possible for many children to physically follow the lessons in the classroom.

However, due to the corona pandemic, it is still necessary for people to follow hygiene rules such as wearing a mouth cap and washing their hands regularly. Unfortunately, not all schools in the Philippines have opened yet, but the Ministry of Education hopes to have all schools active again by early November.

In the past 2 years the children had to take many lessons at home. As a result, the learning disadvantage has increased and many children are behind schedule. In the past 2 years many digital lessons could be followed, but since only 1/5 families have access to the internet, this has unfortunately not been a success.