Discover the Filipino cuisine at DAARZO

MABUHAY from our Ama Namin Foundation!

It is all going to happen now – the time has come !

On Saturday November 26 and Saturday December 3
we would like to introduce you to our Papa Dolfo Silogan Menu’s for an attractive price during a cozy Theme evening.

These menus will soon be exclusively available to order or pick up at : “DAARZO” , the coziest Eatery in the old village of Zoetermeer.

What is Silogan?

Silogan is a location/place where one can have a meal consisting of 3 dishes typically Filipino.

The dishes on the menu are always indicated with the type of meat or fish supplemented with the SI-LOG name.

An example of this is :

  • Tap-Si-Log (short for tapa)
  • Tap-Si-Log (Sinangag abbreviation means fried rice)
  • Tap-Si-Log (short for Itlog which means egg)

This, in combination with the atmosphere of “My Little Philippines”, will make this day a day where we will make you feel welcome in a Filipino way.

A pleasant evening at “DAARZO” where you can taste and experience the Filipino culture consists of the following:

  • Appetizer
  • Main course
  • Dessert

Of course the Karaoke should not be missed after dinner, and you can dine after dinner from 21:00 and the menu for this evening will consist of typical Filipino drinks and snacks.
Would you like to come for an ‘After Dinner’? Option is to book our ‘tapas board’, or other snacks from the Dutch kitchen in advance.

Let us surprise you for € 39.50 p.p. excluding drinks. Please book early , there is a maximum of 30 dinner places.
Parking and entrance are free.

Phone: 0651898773 (Rowena Zuidwijk)

Eetcafé DAARZO – Pilatusdam 5, 2712 BD Zoetermeer