Surprise basket I Love Davao 34 x 30 cm

A unique basket that can be used both folded and unfolded. With hand made text on the outside.


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Surprise basket with the I Love Davao Theme. This month is a unique basket with limited availability.

Surprise basket I Love Davao

These baskets are very special. The unique thing about the baskets is that they can be used folded, but also unfolded so that it becomes a kind of bag with handles. The letters on the basket with the name I Love Davao are handmade from wool and give the baskets their unique appearance. The size of this basket when unfolded is approximately 34 x 30 cm. This product is a natural product and handmade, so sizes and colors may vary slightly.

The baskets come with nice surprise products. We will not tell you yet, this is a little secret…

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