Benefit Dinner Ama Namin Foundation

Saturday, February 3rd was a festive day. It marked the second anniversary of the registration of our Ama Namin Foundation. We celebrated this two-year milestone with a charity dinner, open to anyone interested in the activities of our foundation.

Over the past years, we have achieved a lot, thanks to the support of donors who believe in our cause. The charity dinner took place at Kastanjehof in Kwintsheul, a charming and welcoming venue available for rent at a very friendly price for events and parties. The venue’s cozy and warm atmosphere, reminiscent of Filipino culture, made it the perfect choice for our celebration.

The hall was beautifully decorated, and the bar was stocked with a variety of drinks. Guests enjoyed a Filipino buffet prepared by Sandra’s kitchen in Wateringen. We appreciate the pleasant collaboration with Sandra, who is not only a skilled chef but also a delightful person to discuss various matters with.

In addition to the buffet, we organized various activities to entertain the guests, including fun games for both young and old. We took the opportunity to share our accomplishments over the past two years and express our gratitude to the donors who played a crucial role.

It was a delightful and enjoyable evening, and we want to thank everyone for their presence and support over the past years.

Warm regards,

Rowena & Renee Zuidwijk

Ama Namin Foundation