Philippine Jeepney Assorted colors 13x6x6cm

This Philippine Jeepney is a typical means of transport in the Philippines. Abandoned by the Americans, this jeepney functions as a means of transport that allows you to travel through the Philippines on fixed routes. The beautiful metal version is available in various colours.


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Philippine Jeepney the number 1 means of transport in the Philippines in a miniature version. Available in different colors.

Philippine Jeepney Assorted colors

This miniature version of metal of the Philippine Jeepney is one in different colors. The Jeepney is the means of transport in the Philippines and is indispensable on the streets. This jeepney is made per edition and can therefore differ in terms of stickers from the images shown.


  • Length: 13 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Height: 6 cm


The Jeepney is a mode of transport in the Philippines. This means of transport is often used as a local bus in the major cities. The car has an entry space at the back with benches on both sides. This means of transport is a cheap way for the Filipinos to go to school or work. The cars were originally made from the American jeeps that were left behind after the Second World War. Today’s jeeps are increasingly being made in Philippine factories. The cars are relatively polluting and people are thinking about replacing these cars with electric variants.

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Blue, Grey, Yellow