Visit to the Worldwide Foundation

On Thursday, August 18, we laid the foundation for a collaboration with Stichting WereldWijd in Eckelrade.

“WereldWijd is a training center aimed at people of foreign origin and people who are at a great distance from the labor market. WereldWijd provides short perspective-providing courses: NT2, knowledge of Dutch society and a vocational training. In addition, WereldWijd offers material support through the WereldTools project when returning to the country of origin. There is also a space in the building for the Repair Café”

Stichting WereldWijd has been a loyal partner of our Balik Bayan Service Phil for some time now. 4 You, through this way they support Filipino people who want to return to their country and build a future there.

After a pleasant conversation with the director of the Worldwide Foundation, it became clear that there are plenty of opportunities to work together in different areas.

If you want to know more about the WereldWijd foundation, you can visit their website